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Dr. Elizabeth Truong

Chief Medical Advisor

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The 10 Best Blood Pressure Apps

By Hannah Nichols | Published Thursday 16 November 2017

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it can be a constant worry to try and bring down your numbers. We have chosen the best apps to track, monitor, and help you to keep blood pressure within a healthy range.

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Guided, step-by-step program to build healthy heart habits for life

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Simple & Easy

Start with a few simple questions. Then let Heart Habit incorporate your activity (steps, exercise, sleep) automatically into your heart health via integration with Apple’s HealthKit, Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Done in Seconds

Log and track your blood pressure, stress, food/sodium, exercise, and medication with a simple tap and add context to your blood pressure health from these factors. By answering simple 10-second questions or logging your actual blood pressure reading our daily BP estimate and 10-year stroke risk estimates driven by artificial intelligence gets smarter so on days when you just can’t log a blood pressure value, Heart Habit will tell you how your heart health is changing that day.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

View powerful insights and learn. Real time messages personalized for your heart health and status along with insights based on American Heart Association standards as well as Heart Habit’s artificial intelligence engine.

Stay Informed

Simply follow recommendations customized for your health profile via daily emails for 30 days and use free iOS app to log, track and analyze heart risks and overall progress.

Feel Secure

Know that your blood pressure and stroke risks are being monitored at all times. If ever your blood pressure requires attention, rest assured that Heart Habit will act as a first response using clinical guidelines established by the American Heart Association, Stanford University and University of California San Francisco.

Be Prepared

If you require a doctor’s visit, feel completely prepared with a comprehensive report of your heart health from the logs and insights you’ve kept in Heart Habit during your personalized 30-day program and after via Heart Habit’s maintenance program. Additionally, request a Heart Habit Expert Clinical Opinion to have a human medical clinician review your Heart Habit data. You will receive a personalized report of your heart risks including possible drug to drug interactions as well as lifestyle goals and recommendations so you are fully prepared for a productive doctor visit and a healthier, longer life.

All this with the privacy and security of your data according to HIPAA guidelines.

Take our 2-minute quiz to estimate stroke & hypertension risk.

Or download our free iOS app to track, log and maintain healthy blood pressure and prevent higher stroke risk.

Stay up to date as Heart Habit continues to build out our state-of-the-art blood pressure treatment service and publishes clinical research that will turn hypertension remedies on its head.