User Guidelines

Heart Habit is built with simplicity in mind despite the powerful artificial intelligence and data collection, analytics, insights and reporting that powers the app from behind the scenes. So we hope this simple walkthrough of the app answers any questions you have; however, always feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Downloading Heart Habit

Heart Habit is available for iPhone only and found in the App Store – simply search Heart Habit.

Download Heart Habit


Answer a few simple questions that feed Heart Habit’s blood pressure estimation algorithm that should take less than 2 minutes and also get a glimpse of the Tree of Life you will nurture as you use the app.

Train Heart Habit

Like all artificial intelligence powered services, Heart Habit gets smarter and estimations get better when you provide actual data upfront and on an ongoing basis. We strongly recommend that you provide an actual blood pressure reading from an FDA approved upper-arm cuff blood pressure monitor as often as possible. With every very little information, Heart Habit will make its first blood pressure estimate at the end of your onboarding. Please use the dials to nudge the values up or down to refine the estimate based on what you know to be your average baseline, a recent measurement you remember or from a measurement you take while onboarding.

What to Expect Daily

Heart Habit will display an estimated average daily blood pressure reading on the Home screen that changes daily with your activity and lifestyle inputs in between days when you provide a measured reading.

When you open the app for the first time on a given day, you may see Heart Habit cards that relay important information such as rewards for your usage and improvements, important insights into your heart health based on data collected over time, factoids about hypertension and heart health, tips to using the app and more.

Every few days, you also will see cards that give the opportunity to input responses, the most important being an actual resting, blood pressure measurement. Unlike all other apps and services, we believe you have a life to live even with chronic hypertension and that managing it properly only requires that you measure it with a cuff when there is a health reason to do so. Even so, responding to lifestyle cards should take no more than 5-10 seconds!

Of course the more input you provide the better so anytime you want to log your lifestyle or blood pressure, simple tap on the + button on your Home screen.

Understanding Blood Pressure Estimate

Simply tap on the top of your Home screen that shows your estimate or the 7-day trend shown on the bottom right corner of the Home screen to learn how estimates are derived, accuracy improved and what various states of the estimate mean.

Powerful Insights

While it takes only a few seconds every few days, over time the data collected by Heart Habit provides insights impossible for you and your physician, pharmacists, family and caretakers to access currently. Physicians especially appreciate the ability to view and monitor your hypertension health during the office “gaps,” the time in between your visits. Armed with these insights, you and your physician or pharmacists are able to more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat any uncontrolled hypertension with the least side effects possible.

Tap on View Insights on the bottom left corner of the Home screen or from the Menu to view these important analytics about your health.

How to Read Each Insight

Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure in the Heart Report Card shows only the actual readings you input along with any lifestyle logs you made at the time of the reading. That data along with your heart rate then is averaged and noted for the highest and lowest readings in the past 7-days. For a more detailed and longer duration view going all the way back to when you first started using Heart Habit, simply tap on the blood pressure graph.


As you indicate your general stress level every few days, this data is collected and averaged to provide an idea of your average stress level in the past week. Tap on the stress graph to see all of your inputs by day and historical data.


Through a series of one to three questions developed through nutritionist and diet research about your eating habits every few days, we estimate your sodium intake that has a correlation to blood pressure. Tap on the weekly average graph to see all of your inputs by day and historical data.

Medication (if applicable)

If you are on hypertension medication, every few days we ask that you log how good you are at taking your medication when you are supposed to as prescribed by your physician or pharmacist. Tap on the medication graph to see your trend historically.

Steps, Sleep and Exercise

Through the miracle of technology, your steps, sleep and exercise are automatically captured when you provide access to Health Kit and/or your iPhone’s Motion & Fitness sensor. So the first step is to provide permission for Heart Habit to do so if you haven’t done that already during onboard.

Once enabled, your iPhone will automatically track steps and possibly exercise if you carry your iPhone on runs and bike rides. Apple Watch users will see more accurate tracking and tracking of more activity, including sleep. For iPhone only users, to track sleep be sure to go to your clock in iOS Settings and turn on the Bedtime feature.

As your iPhone tracks your steps, exercise and sleep, the averages are shown for the past week on your Heart Report card and tapping on each will give you detailed historical insights by day.


Heart Habit monitors your hypertension health and risks and alerts you when attention is needed. So ensure you enable text messaging permission or app notifications.

If your estimated or measured blood pressure goes into hypertensive range or above what is considered critical, Heart Habit will alert you and show you cards with instructions on what to do next. It is important to follow exactly what you see and seek medical attention in a timely manner when recommended.

Physician Report

When Heart Habit deems it necessary to visit your physician about your rising blood pressure, we will recommend that you generate and print or email the Heart Habit Physician Report. The Report is a compilation and summary of all of the previously unavailable data through your input and Heart Habit’s automatic tracking in a format that was developed in collaboration with primary care physicians and pharmacists to aid their effort in diagnosing and treating your hypertension.

This Report also can be generated anytime for yourself or an upcoming doctor’s visit, which you can enter so that Heart Habit can remind you to generate the most up to date Report for that visit.


We encourage you to review your profile information every so often to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date as circumstance can change when living with a chronic condition (e.g., hypertension medication). Please refer to our privacy policy for how we treat any information we collect through Heart Habit with healthcare compliance level security.