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Dr. Elizabeth Truong

Chief Medical Advisor

"Add Heart Habit to your daily routine to help better your diet, stress, and overall cardiovascular health to prevent stroke and heart attack.”

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Install Heart Habit and gain insights about your hypertension or high blood pressure risks within seconds.

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Watch Your Tree Grow

As you spend no more than a few seconds a week in the app, watch your Tree of Life grow and your healthy Heart Habit build.


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We’ll send valuable insights and recommendations how you want them so you don’t have to remember.

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While it takes only a few seconds a day, over time you accumulate incredibly rich data that turn automatically into indispensable insights for you, family members or doctors.

Stop Measuring & Start Living

Controlling Hypertension, Together

Heart Habit estimates your blood pressure via a self-learning algorithm just for you when you’re just too busy to log an actual value so you know how you are doing that day. Plus—Heart Habit is your first response if your BP ever reaches a cautionary level with instant access for your doctor to all of the data they currently are starving for to properly diagnose and treat your hypertension.

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