You’ve had 2 BP readings* at pre-hypertension levels in the past month.

*recorded or derived

What is pre-hypertension?

The facts:
Resting systolic reading 120-139 mmHg or
Resting diastolic reading 80-89 mmHg
May be an early warning sign of hypertension, which is very serious.

Want to reduce your risk of possible stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure?  Let's try to help you keep the blood pressure under control to stave off the transition to high blood pressure, and the likely medication and frequent doctor's visits.  How?

Let's keep a closer eye on your blood pressure.  Log a blood pressure reading in Heart Habit tomorrow and then at a minimum, every 2-3 days over the next week.  We'll inform you with the next steps if you continue to have blood pressure readings consistent with pre-hypertension