Use a proper size upper arm, cuff.

If two cuff sizes fit, use the larger one.

Place the cuff on a bare arm.

Place the artery marker over the brachial artery.

The brachial artery is the major blood vessel of the (upper) arm. It is vital to find the correct location of the brachial artery when taking a blood pressure. To find the brachial artery, turn the palm face up and follow the line of the pinky upwards just past the crook of the elbow.

Watch this video on how to find the brachial artery.

Apply the cuff snugly.

Allow room for no more than two fingers underneath.

Sit quietly for a few minutes before measuring your blood pressure.

Make sure you have not consumed food, alcohol, caffeine or exercised or smoked for at least 30 minutes before taking the measurement.

Do not talk while taking your blood pressure.

Support your back in a chair.

Keep feet on the floor. Do not cross your feet.

Keep the upper arm at the heart level with the lower arm passively supported on a table.

Keep the arm still during the measurement cycle.