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Benefits of the Stroke Prevention Program

4-week digital health program for people with high blood pressure to prevent stroke and hypertension.

Smart Mobile Application

Smart app to auto log and track blood pressure values and other lifestyle factors. Provides personalized feedback and insights. Integrated with Apple Health, Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Lifestyle & Health Coach

Our health coaches will be with you all along watching your progress and providing daily lessons, personalized recommendations and progress.

Online Curriculum

Personalized online 30-day lessons with goal settings and daily challenges covering topics such as Active Living, Healthy Eating, Managing Stress, Sleeping Well and others.

Free Unlimited Heart Health Report

Comprehensive report covering all aspects of your blood pressure and other life style values that you can share with your Doctor.

Personalized Insights

Receive contextual personalized insights into your lifestyle factors and impact on blood pressure and other important trends.

Expert Clinical Opinion Report

A detailed clinical report from our in-house doctor covering details of your stroke risk and heart health. An explanation of your personal factors contributing to your high stroke and other cardiovascular risks and medication recommendations, if applicable, that you can take to your doctor.

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